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Standing Seam Metal Roof

standing seam metal roofThe standing seam metal roofing systems we install lead the industry in strength, durability and performance and offer virtually limitless aesthetic possibilities. Our crews fabricate and install standing seam metal roof accessories including architectural roofing, edge metal, flashings, and drip edge for contractors and roofers.

We have certified fabricators and installers that create standing seam metal roof panels to eliminate roof leaks. Before the metal roof is placed, the sheathing is placed followed by a vapor barrier or underlayment to ensure water doesn’t penetrate the roof. Our machines we have in our shop give us the flexibility to make any type of straight or curved Tee-Panels in continuous lengths and snap-on seams. We can also bring the machine to your jobsite and fabricate the standing seam metal roof. Our fabricators make eave trim, wall facia, and ridge metal for many of our projects. Our fabricators and installers are certified with multiple manufacturers of standing seam systems.

Installed Manufacturers and Suppliers