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Sheet Metal Fabrication & Installation

Sheet Metal, Inc. fabricates and installs many types of sheet metal products in the construction and building industry including architectural sheet metal panels, sheet metal flashings, edge metals, flashings, dripping, and coping cap. Sheet metal fabrication and installation is extremely important to a roof system, whether new or existing, and is crucial to the roof installation. Most leak problems are related to water infiltration, so we install vapor barriers under the sheet metal installations. In addition to the new roof, sheet metal flashings, copings, gravel guards, gutters and downspouts enhance your building’s overall appearance and are visible to the public. We can also fabricate sheet metal panels.

Sheet metal fabrication Wichita

Our fabrication shop has state of the art equipment to create any piece of sheet metal imaginable. Our fabricators and installers are certified by multiple manufacturers. All of our fabrications and installations are performed according to SMACNA guidelines.

Our sheet metal materials include:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Sheet Metal (16 gauge and lighter)

Each of our projects are custom to what the building owner or general contractor needs or wants. We have the ability to custom fabricate materials to fit each projects’ requirements. No two jobs are the same which make our jobs fun and rewarding. If you need something created, our team would be happy to customize your sheet metal solution.

Installed Manufacturers and Suppliers